About Infinity Fitness & Massage

Infinity Wellness, LLC, DBA Infinity Fitness and Massage, is a leading provider of group and personal fitness programs and therapeutic massage services to visitors of Hawaii’s top hotels and resorts.

The company was founded by Branka Jordanovska, a fitness and wellness expert.

The Founder Branka Jordanovska

Triathlon Coaching

Branka’s wellness career began in 1997 when her triathlon competing evolved into coaching. Through heart rate conditioning and active meditation, Branka has trained many athletes for their first triathlon, peak mountain trek, thousand-kilometer bike ride, or adventure race.

Globetrotting to Study and Share

Active endeavors and a curious mind lead Branka around the world, learning then teaching athletic performance, healing arts, massage and growing her expertise of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. She has traveled over 60 countries. Branka became a published fitness writer while living in Rome, Italy; a Muay Thai boxer and teacher in Bangkok, Thailand; a long distance cyclist and coach in California.  Her personal training and group conditioning lead her to Montezuma, Costa Rica, where she created a fitness community for the local residents and fitness retreats for visitors.  She has taught stretch in saris in Nepal where she has trekked 17,000 foot peaks, and group fitness to children in Cambodia. As the massage therapist to Olympic skiers on the Honda Ski Tour, Branka worked in Aspen, Colorado, where she built a thriving wellness clientele.

Establishing a Wellness Business in Hawaii

In 2010, Branka has expanded her business to include Honolulu, Hawaii, establishing a successful massage and fitness company Infinity Wellness, LLC.

Media and Publications

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Infinity Spa

Infinity Spa is a two level penthouse, oceanfront oasis located on the highest floors of the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. It is an ideal location for spa parties and any celebration involving wellness and pampering.

Massage at Country Clubs

Infinity Wellness offers weekend massages at the Outrigger Canoe Club and the Oahu Country Club for members and guest members.

In-Suite Massage in Waikiki

Infinity Wellness contracts with almost 30 Honolulu’s top hotels to provide in-room therapeutic massage services.

Personal Fitness

A vacation is the perfect time to learn a new sport, develop a fitness regimen or enhance a fitness routine. The beach, mountains and air are conducive to wellness. Infinity Fitness professionals custom create a wellness routine just for you. Experience a clear mind, fit body and infinite energy.

Group Fitness

Infinity Fitness offers nearly 90 classes monthly in Honolulu’s beautiful hotels. Corporate wellness is available for company retreats, wellbeing in the workplace and teamwork building.

Branka Jordanovska
Branka Jordanovska